How can I access my medical record?

There are processes in place at UMA to allow you, as a patient review and comment on your medical record. Your nurse or medical assistant can help you with this upon request.

The Athena Portal allows you to log in to your medical record and request refills on prescriptions, make appointments, or simply communicate with your provider. Ask the front desk staff about how to get set up with the Athena Portal, or call (740) 593-4609.

There will be a minor cost associated with requesting your medical record in paper format.


In order to request information from University Medical Associates:

Authorization Form 1 (34kb, docx)

  • Authorization to release protected health information (PHI) FROM UMA TO another provider.

Authorization Form 2 (34kb, docx)

  • Authorization to release protected health information (PHI) TO UMA FROM another provider.

Authorization Form 3 (34kb, docx)

  • Authorization to use protected health information (PHI) for personal use.

  • Complete all fields on the correct authorization form(s) when requesting the release of your records
  • When you’ve signed and dated the form, fax the information to the number indicated on the form or mail it to the address on the form.
  • Typical processing time to request medical records is 7-10 business days, depending on their availability.

Notice of Privacy Practices

At UMA, we are committed to keeping your health information private and secure. Not only that, we are required by law to do so and we are fully compliant with those laws. We keep records of the care you receive at our UMA offices and those records are kept confidential. Our Notice of Privacy Practices describes the privacy practices of UMA.

Notice of Privacy Practices